Our English tutoring focuses on important areas such as reading, writing and vocabulary development.
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We’re experts at building strong fundamental Math skills.
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Tutors on Call Advantage

Our skill-based programs focus on the areas that need the most improvement so that student will see results faster.
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Why Us?

At Tutors on Call we offer a unique experience. We provide personalized service, on-going support, customized tutoring programs, monthly assessment and in-home lessons. Furthermore, our tutors are carefully selected and screened.

We also keep it simple. We do not have contracts, administration fees or complicated registration processes. This allows us to focus on delivering exceptional results!

These are some of the reasons why clients choose Tutors on Call:

  1. Our tutors are certified teachers or have a university degree
  2. Lessons are at your home or library
  3. No contract or administration fees
  4. Pay-as-you-go
  5. Monthly Progress Reports

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tutoring programs

Subjects and Tutoring Programs

At Tutors on Call we offer tutoring programs in math, science, English, French and social studies for students of all levels.  Our tutoring programs include homework assistance, test preparation, building foundation skills and previewing course material.

Does your child need to work on specific English or math skills?  Are there gaps in their learning that is holding them back to reaching their full potential?  Our tutoring programs teach skills such as writing, reading comprehension, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, word problems or algebra.

We also offer the following specialized tutoring programs: kindergarten readiness, tutoring for special needs students, English as Second Language (ESL,) homeschooling and and college / university level programs.

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tutoring programs


Tutors on Call has offered quality in home tutoring across Canada since 1999. We are proud to be Canada’s leading provider of exceptional supplementary education services.  We offer our tutoring programs in the following cities:

Victoria: 1-888-887-5889

Greater Vancouver Region: 604-484-3912

Kamloops: 1-888-887-5889

Kelowna: 1-888-887-5889

Edmonton: 780-638-4828

Calgary: 403-536-9199

Winnipeg: 1-888-887-5889

Ottawa: 1-888-887-5889

Greater Toronto District: 416-623-2553

Hamilton: 1-888-887-5889

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