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We have been Canada’s leading provider of quality one-on-one tutoring for over 22 years. Tutors on Call is committed to providing safe and effective in-home tutoring and online tutoring.  We do not have packages, contracts, administration fees, or a complicated registration process. We keep things simple so we can focus on ensuring our students get the help they need.


Proudly serving our Canadian communities for 22 years.





Tutors on Call, a 100% Canadian company, was launched in 1999 in Vancouver, BC.  Our goal is to provide highly qualified instructors who are familiar with the provincial curriculum. We continue to operate with an honest, simple and flexible approach. We do not believe in contracts, packages and hidden fees.  We also have an easy and quick registration process.  You can either register over the phone or through a simple online registration form.


Over the years Tutors on Call has expanded to provide in-person, one-on-one tutoring in several large cities all across Canada. With the introduction of online tutoring we are now able to serve students in all urban and rural communities.  We continue to adapt to better serve our students, clients, and tutors.  We are proud to have made many changes over the years. These include eliminating paper, introducing monthly progress reports, and having friendly pay-as-you-go policies.


In the spring of 2020, we paused our in-home tutoring services in an effort to flatten the curve during the global public health crisis.  During this time, we only offered online tutoring.  Thankfully, as of July 2021 we have resumed our in-home one-on-one tutoring services in several cities.  In addition, Tutors on Call continues to offer the highly successful online tutoring option to students all across Canada.

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