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At Tutors on Call, we provide an innovative approach to one-on-one online tutoring.  Our online tutors customized each lesson to target each student’s areas to improve.  We track our students’ progress through the monthly progress reports and make necessary adjustments to ensure the student’s success.

Our online tutors are professionals. They have a university degree and several years of tutoring experience.  All of our elementary school students would work with a certified elementary school teacher. Our tutors understand the Canadian curriculum and expectations in the classroom.  They are dependable, committed and passionate about teaching.

We strive to create a flexible, effective and convenient solution.  There are no complicated packages, contracts or systems.  There are no minimum number of hours and you can cancel at any time without fees.  Registration is quick and simple.  It only takes five minutes to register over the phone and you can get the lessons started within 24 hours.

Tutors on Call has been providing in-person tutoring for over 21 years.  Starting in April 2020 we switched to online tutoring so we can continue to provide tutoring safely and effectively.  Our online tutors provide one-on-one lessons and use an interactive whiteboard and video calling platform.  Two of the main online tutoring platforms that we use are Bramble and Zoom.  We are committed to providing consistent support throughout this school year.  We are here to help our students navigate a new way of learning, to review material taught in the classroom, support them while taking courses online and provide a dependable foundation for families who choose to homeschool.

No Packages or Contracts

We keep things simple and flexible. There is no contract, no minimum number of hours and no packages. Therefore, you can stop the lessons at anytime without a cancellation fee. There are also no administration fees, taxes or other hidden fees. Our policies are flexible, transparent and simple.

Easy & Quick Registration

We have a quick and easy online registration process that takes five minutes. Once registered it takes only 24 hours to confirm a tutor and get the lessons started.

Qualified Tutors

All of our tutors have graduated from university, have several years of tutoring experience and are familiar with the Canadian curriculum.  All of our elementary school students work with a certified elementary school teacher.

Canadian Company

Tutors on Call is 100% Canadian.  We have provided quality tutoring services all across Canada since 1999.

Online Tutors With A Difference

French & Spanish

Test Preparation

University Courses

  • Review course content and help with homework
  • Support homeschooling families
  • Help navigate online schooling courses
  • Teach course content
  • Fill in learning gaps in math, reading, and writing

Online tutors available anywhere in Canada.


For over 21 years, Tutors on Call has maintained a reputation for providing exceptional tutors.  Since transitioning to online tutoring in April 2020, students are matched more quickly, and effectively.  We now choose the best online tutor in your province rather than just those who are close to your home.   Find out more about our history and how we have grown to become Canada’s leading provider of quality one-on-one tutoring.

All elementary school students work with a certified elementary school teacher.  High school students are paired with tutors who have a university degree and several years of tutoring experience. All tutors are familiar with the provincial curriculum.  We also conduct thorough background checks, and criminal record checks.  Each tutor is monitored to ensure continued quality.   


“The tutor has a great way to teach the concepts so that my son better understands the math.“
Juanita M.

“We are very pleased with our son’s progress. The tutor is really making a difference in preparing him for his final exam.”
Adam L.

“Absolutely incredible tutor! She has changed my daughter’s life for the better.”
Gordon C.

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