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What makes us different is that all of our tutors have at least a university degree and several years of tutoring experience.  They are professionals who are reliable, mature and really understand how to teach.  Some of our tutors have a masters, PhD or are even certified teachers.  Our tutors provide both online tutoring and in-home tutoring.

Our tutors are Canadians.  They are familiar with the curriculum and expectations in the classroom.  We also conduct thorough background checks, and criminal record checks.  Each tutor is monitored to ensure continued quality.


Tutors on Call started in Vancouver, BC twenty-three years ago by a group of BC certified teachers.  We have been known as the leading provider of in-home tutoring.  We now predominantly offer one-on-one online tutoring services all across Canada.  We still provide in-home tutoring but on a limited scale.  We are not a large global franchise but are managed by a small group of dedicated staff that provides quick and personalized support to our clients, students and tutors.  All of our tutors are located in Canada and have experience tutoring the curriculum.  We are a Canadian business striving to make a difference in our local communities.


We do not have packages.  We want to give our clients the flexibility to stop the lessons at any time.  There is no huge upfront cost and risk.


At Tutors on Call we do things differently.  We do not believe in locking our clients into a contract.  We stand behind the services we provide.  If you ever want to stop the tutoring then you can do so at any time without any cancellation fees.


The student is paired with one tutor who works with them throughout the entire course.  This allows the tutor to adjust their teaching and communication style to best support how the student learns.  The tutor is able to detect areas that need more focus, help keep the student on track with assignments, build momentum, track progress and ensure more accountability.  When there is the same tutor for each lesson they are also able to keep a steady flow of communication with the parent and potentially the teacher at school.


Tutors on Call provides an innovative approach to one-on-one tutoring.  Both our in-home tutoring and online tutoring lessons are customized to target each student’s areas to improve.  We track our students’ progress through the monthly progress reports and make necessary adjustments to ensure the student’s success.  


Our tutors help with more challenging homework assignments, reteach concepts taught in the classroom and help the student prepare for upcoming tests.  Oftentimes, this can really help relieve some of the anxiety and stress.  Upon request, the lessons can also focus on building foundational skills; such as writing techniques, reading comprehension strategies, study skills and core math concepts. 


Our one-on-one online tutoring is effective and convenient.  We understand that many students have had a lot of experience with group online learning and self-paced online courses.  What we do is very different.  For starters, the lessons are one-on-one.  The student has the full attention of the tutor who is available to walk through any challenging questions, reteach concepts or help the student prepare for an upcoming test.  The student works with the same tutor for every lesson so they develop a strong working relationship and progress can be made throughout the sessions.  To help keep the student engaged, there is an interactive whiteboard where both the tutor and student can work through material at the same time.


Tutors on Call has been providing in-home tutoring for twenty-three years.  These lessons are one-on-one and customized to each student’s needs.   The focus tends to be on either reviewing the material taught in the classroom or building the student’s foundational skills in math or English.  As of the spring of 2022 we have been able to offer in-home tutoring services again on a very limited basis.

No Packages or Contracts

We keep things simple and flexible. there is no contract, no minimum number of hours and no packages. Therefore, you can stop the lessons at anytime without a cancellation fee. There are also no administration fees, taxes or other hidden fees. Our policies are flexible, transparent and simple.

Easy & Quick Registration

We have a quick and easy online registration process that takes five minutes. Once registered it takes as little as 24 hours to confirm a tutor and get the lessons started.

Qualified Tutors

All of our tutors have graduated from university, have several years of tutoring experience, and are familiar with the Canadian curriculum.

Canadian Company

Tutors on Call is 100% Canadian.  We have provided quality tutoring services all across Canada since 1999.

Tutoring with A Difference


French & Spanish

Test Preparation

University Courses

  • Assist with homework
  • Review course material
  • Prepare students for exams
  • Help navigate online courses
  • Support adults who are upgrading
  • Fill in learning gaps in math, reading, and writing

Proudly serving our Canadian communities for 23 years.




“The tutor has a great way to teach the concepts so that my son better understands the math.“
Juanita M.

“We are very pleased with our son’s progress. The tutor is really making a difference in preparing him for his final exam.”
Adam L.

“Absolutely incredible tutor! She has changed my daughter’s life for the better.”
Gordon C.

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