Science can easily be taught using the online tutoring platform. Assignments can be dragged & dropped onto the whiteboard where both the student and tutor can work on them together. Similarly, science questions can be completed together in real-time while being discussed through a video call. The online whiteboard is easy to use, there is minimal set-up and it is free.

science tutors

Online tutoring available anywhere in Canada.


Tutor's Qualifications

Students in grades K – 7 would work with a certified elementary school teacher who understands the provincial science curriculum. 

Homework Help

Drag & drop assignments onto the whiteboard where they can be worked on together and reteach concepts.

Homeschooling Support

Teach the science curriculum and assign homework while being a valuable resource and support to the family.


Tutor's Qualifications

Students from grades 8 – 12 would work with a tutor who has a university degree in math or science and has at least two years of tutoring experience in the specific area of science that requires tutoring (ex. physics, chemistry, or biology.)

Homework Help & Test Preparation

Drag & drop assignments, labs, and practice tests onto the whiteboard where they can be worked on together.

Online Schooling Support

Navigate online learning, teach the material, keep the student accountable, and guide students with the completion of assignments in real-time on the whiteboard.

Curriculum Review

Review last year’s curriculum to fill-in learning gaps and better prepare the student for this year’s course content.


Tutor's Qualifications

Our university and college level tutors often have a master’s or Ph.D. with a science background. Otherwise, they would have a university degree that has an emphasis on science and several years of experience tutoring physics, chemistry, or biology at the university or college level.

Homework Support

Drag & drop assignments and labs onto the whiteboard where they can be worked on together.

Test Preparation

Review the course material and complete practice tests together on the interactive whiteboard.

Teach Content

Teach the material when the university instructor’s availability is limited.

Our University Courses

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Engineering, Geography, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Earth & Ocean Studies.

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