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We are a Canadian tutoring company that serves our local communities.  Our tutors live in Canada, know our Canadian curriculum and the expectations in our classrooms.  Our English tutors are professionals.  They all have at least a university degree and several years of Canadian tutoring experience.  Our English tutors don’t just focus on helping with assignments but they also teach the student essential writing skills.  Our English tutoring programs give our students tools and confidence to complete future assignments independently.

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Strong English skills are one of the cornerstones of academic success.  We offer English tutoring services for students who need assistance with their course material and also those who need to work on improving their writing and reading comprehension skills.

Our English tutors tailor each lesson to the individual needs of the student. Areas of focus may include fundamentals like vocabulary, grammar, reading, or sentence structure.  Our English tutors are also experienced at helping our students improve more advanced concepts such as themes, idea development, critical thinking, written organization, and research skills. All our English tutors are familiar with the provincial curriculum and prescribed learning outcomes.

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english tutoring: Grades K – 7

Tutor's Qualifications

Students in grades K – 7 would work with a certified teacher or someone with a university degree who has several years of English tutoring experience.  If you choose an online tutoring program then we guarantee that the tutor would be a certified teacher.  English is one of the easiest subjects to tutor online for students of all ages.

Homework Help

Many of our English tutoring programs focus on helping the student with homework assignments that they would get from school.   During this process, the tutor also teaches essential skills so that they can confidently complete future assignments independently.  For example, if they are working on a story then the tutor would show them how to structure a story, build characters, add description and to understand the different elements of the story.  Our English homework help programs help the student stay on top of their school work, relieves anxiety and to build good study habits.  

Homeschooling Support

Hiring a one-on-one English tutor to supplement a student’s homeschooling program is a great way to ensure that the provincial learning outcomes are being met.  Our English tutoring programs focus on writing skills, novel studies, teaching reading comprehension techniques and building vocabulary.  By choosing an online tutoring program the student would work with a Canadian certified teacher. 

Writing Skills

It is important that students have a strong foundation is writing before they enter high school.  Our English tutoring programs focus on giving our students these tools so they can confidently tackle their writing assignments independently.  These may include pre-writing strategies, developing strong sentences, building organized paragraphs, writing creative stories, using description and learning the basics of essay writing.  This type of English tutoring program is very popular during the summer as it is an opportunity to target specific areas and get ready to enter the classroom in the fall.

Reading Skills

Students who love to read and are reading at grade level tend to also express themselves effectively in writing and achieve higher marks in other subjects.  With all the online distractions, however, it can sometimes be challenging to inspire a student to read.  This is especially the case if they have only been exposed to books that are not interesting to them, are too difficult to understand and not a genre that inspires them.  There are so many excellent books.  It is just a matter of selecting the right type of book. 

Our English tutors introduce books that are aligned with the student’s interests, their reading level and the genres that would inspire them.  They would also teach them reading comprehension strategies so they are better able to understand non-fiction material.  At Tutors on Call we want to inspire our students to love reading and to help them build life-long healthy reading habits.      

english tutoring: grades 8 – University

Tutor's Qualifications

Students from grades 8 – 12 would work with a tutor who has a university degree in English or a similar field, and several years of tutoring experience.  Our university and college level tutors often have a master’s or Ph.D.   All of our high school English tutors are familiar with the provincial benchmarks and prescribed learning outcomes.  It only takes us 24 – 48 hours to confirm an English tutor if it is an online tutoring program.

Writing Assignments

Many of our English tutoring programs focus on helping the student with their essay writing assignments.  This includes teaching editing skills, choosing precise language, writing in different points of view, building a strong argument, referring to sources correctly, and adhering to the proper structure.

Reading Assignments

Novel studies and poetry play an important part in the English curriculum.  Learning to analyze and critique reading material takes practice.  Our English tutors teach strategies to make this easier.  Students learn how to ‘read between the lines’ and provide a thought provoking written response.



British Columbia

ELA 8, ELA 9, Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 10, Composition 11, Creative Writing 11, Literary Studies 11, Composition 12, Creative Writing 12, and Literary Studies 12.

Alberta & NW Territories

English Language Arts 8, English Language Arts 9, ELA 10-1, ELA 10-2, ELA 20-1, ELA 20-2, ELA 30-1, and ELA 30-2.


English Language Arts 8, English Language Arts 9, English Language Arts 10, English Language Arts 20, and English Language Arts 30.


Gr. 8. English Language Arts, Gr. 9 English Language Arts, Gr. 10 English Language Arts, Gr. 11 English Language Arts, and Gr. 12 English Language Arts.


Gr. 8 English, Gr. 9 Academic English – ENG1D, Gr. 9 Applied English – ENG1P, Gr. 9 Academic English – ENG2D, Gr. 10 Applied English – ENG2P, Gr. 11 University Preparation English – ENG3U, Gr. 11 College Preparation English – ENG3C, Gr. 12 University Preparation English – ENG4U, and Gr. 12 College Preparation English – ENG4C.

New Brunswick

Gr. 8 English, Gr. 9 English – Reading, Gr. 9 English – Writing, Gr. 10 English – Reading, Gr. 10 English – Writing, Gr. 11 English – Reading, Gr. 11 English – Writing, Gr. 12 English – Reading and Gr. 12 English – Writing.

Nova Scotia

English Language Arts 8, English Language Arts 9, English 10, English 10 Plus, Advanced English 11, English 11, English/Communications 11, Technical Reading and Writing 11, Advanced English 12, Canadian Literature 12, English 12, English 12: African Heritage, and English/Communications 12.


English Language Arts 8, English Language Arts 9, English 1201, English 1202, Literacy 1204, English Language Arts 2201, English Language Arts 2202, English Language Arts Writing 2203, Drama 2206, English Language Arts 3201, English Language Arts 3202, and World Literature 3207.


ELA 8, ELA 9, Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 10, Composition 11, Creative Writing 11, Literary Studies 11, Composition 12, Creative Writing 12, and Literary Studies 12.

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