Online tutoring has many benefits:

  • More qualified and experienced tutors
  • Elementary school students work with a certified teacher
  • Lessons can start within 24 hours
  • You can quickly change tutors
  • No cancellations due to weather, car issues, or sickness
  • Consistent lessons despite covid-19 restrictions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Special requests are more possible

Tutors on Call is committed to offering safe and effective tutoring during the covid-19 pandemic.

online tutor

Online tutoring anywhere in Canada.


An interactive whiteboard and video calling platform are used during the online tutoring lessons. It is free, easy to use and there is no set-up. The student and tutor can draw on the whiteboard in real-time, complete equations together, drag & drop assignments, add comments, and save the whiteboard as a pdf.  Most of our tutors use Zoom during the lessons as it is a platform that offers the most flexibility and features necessary to conduct successful lessons.


As students return to in-class learning they may find that they need extra support.  For many students, they are entering the new school year without a strong foundation in math, science and English.

Our tutors can help with:

Reteaching material

Assisting with homework

Doing practice questions

Editing essays together

Discussing novel studies

Preparing for tests


With online courses, there is often less instruction from the teacher, students’ fall behind and they are left to learn the material independently. It can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and frustrating.  

Our tutors can help with:

Teaching the concepts

Completing practice questions


Meeting deadlines

Guidance with homework

Navigating the online portal


Families who choose to homeschool this school year can benefit from getting support and direction from a Canadian certified teacher who is familiar with the provincial curriculum. 

Our tutors can help with:

Teaching the curriculum

Helping to develop a homeschooling plan

Be a support and resource

Ensure foundational skills in math and English are being taught according to provincial learning outcomes

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