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What is one-on-one tutoring?

One-on-one tutoring is a learning environment where the student and tutor interact on an individual, or one-on-one basis.  Furthermore, the instruction is designed with the student’s own personal pace and learning style in mind. This is in contrast to a conventional classroom environment, or a one-too-many setting with one tutor who is working with more than one student (such as a learning centre).

Not surprisingly,  there are many benefits to one-on-one instruction.



Provides an Outlet

Today’s classroom can be challenging and sometimes frustrating for many students.  The material covered in class can be hard to understand, particularly if the student is missing the fundamentals. Classroom teachers may not be able to address the individual needs of each of their students during class or after hours.

Therefore, one-on-one tutoring gives students an outlet to address any issues stemming from the subject matter, assignments, or exams. For instance, a math tutor can boost a student’s confidence when they know there is someone committed to answering their questions.


final exams

Stimulates deeper / wider learning

With the volume of material that needs to be covered in an academic year,  it is difficult for teachers to spend the time to dive deeper or wider into the material, especially with complex topics.

However, with one-on-one tutoring, students can hit the “pause” button.  For some, this means settling in with one specific topic and going as deep as they need in order to develop an understanding.  For others, it means they can delve as wide as they want to satisfy their curiosity.


deep learning

Creates a Personalized Experience

Whether or not a student needs to go “deep” or “wide” with their learning, one of the main benefits of one-on-one tutoring is that it is a personalized experience.

Many students flourish in the traditional classroom, but a point often overlooked is that all students benefit from lessons tailored to their individual learning styles or requirements. A personalized learning approach helps a student to focus on a particularly challenging area.  Moreover, it provides them the option to explore something altogether new and different.


Encourages questions and CURIOSITY

For some students, asking questions in class doesn’t always come easy.  Firstly, today’s classroom, often filled with a minimum of 30 students doesn’t give each student the opportunity to seek clarification.  Furthermore, some students may not ask questions to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Another key point: although there are many great teachers, there are some who, frankly, can make a student feel really bad about asking a question.

One-on-one tutoring overcomes both of those challenges, since our tutors encourage their students to ask questions, and to be curious!


Inspires Confidence

One-on-one tutoring establishes a positive learning environment that makes room for further success and achievement.

Then, beyond that, as success is experienced, confidence grows and grows. Not only can students begin to feel more comfortable with what they’re learning, but they might also be motivated and encouraged to tackle more, and different opportunities. Not to mention the boost it can provide in terms of their confidence when they find themselves back in their classrooms.

confident student


When a student doesn’t hand in a homework assignment, it might not even be noticed until it becomes a pattern. By the same token, in today’s classroom students may not need to do much to “get by” until it it too late.  Our one-on-one tutoring helps the student get organized and prepare for what’s to come.  In so doing, the student feels empowered, and are more likely to hold themselves accountable.

student accountability

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Tutors on Call is committed to providing safe and effective in-person tutoring.  Lessons take place either at the student’s home or at a library.  All of our tutors have at least a university degree and several years of tutoring experience.  They also have been fully screened and have completed a criminal record check.  Our in-person tutoring is available on a limited basis and in large city centers.  


An interactive whiteboard and video calling platform are used during our online tutoring lessons. The student and tutor use an interactive whiteboard or share their screen where they complete equations together, drag & drop assignments, add comments, and save their work as a PDF.  The platforms that are often used include Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.


Our one-on-one tutoring often focuses on helping the student with what they are doing right now in the classroom.  We want our students to have a stronger understanding of the course material and feel less stress in the classroom. 

Our tutors can help with:

Re-teaching material

Assisting with homework

Doing practice questions

Editing essays together

Discussing novel studies


Oftentimes, students are left to study for tests independently. It can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and frustrating.  Our one-on-one tutors can not only help the student prepare for the test but give them skills that they can apply in the future.

Our tutors can help with:

Preparing for tests

Teaching the concepts

Completing practice questions

Creating a plan

Teaching Study Skills


Our one-on-one tutoring programs can help the student build their core math, writing and reading skills.  All lessons are customized to the student and if requested homework can be assigned to reinforced taught material. 

Our tutors can help with:

Building strong writing skills

Developing reading comprehension strategies

Teaching core math concepts

Encouraging a love for reading

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