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Parents and students choose us because we have highly qualified and experienced math tutors. They all have a university degree, several years of experience tutoring math and are familiar with the provincial curriculum standards. Our customized math tutoring programs incorporate one or more of the following elements:


  • Reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom
  • Homework support
  • Test preparation
  • Teaching the fundamentals
  • Previewing the curriculum


Vancouver (GVRD): 604-484-3912

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Edmonton: 780-638-4828

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Kindergarten to second year university


Math, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Social Studies, French and Test Preparation.


Homework Support, test preparation, review course topics, build fundamentals and teach academic skills.

No Packages or Contracts

We keep things simple and flexible. There is no contract, no minimum number of hours and no packages. Therefore, you can stop the lessons at anytime without a cancellation fee. There are also no administration fees, taxes or other hidden fees. Our policies are flexible, transparent and simple. 

Easy & Quick Registration

We have a quick and easy phone registration process that takes two minutes. Once registered it takes only 1 – 2 business days to confirm a tutor and get the lessons started. 

Qualified Tutors

All of our tutors have graduated from university, have several years of tutoring experience and are familiar with the Canadian curriculum.

Elementary School Math Tutors

Our math tutors help students from kindergarten to grade 7 build the building blocks in math. In addition to providing support in school work they help detect gaps in their knowledge. Often times students require additional support in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems and geometry. The math tutor will reteach areas that require extra attention to ensure that the student has a strong foundation.

Confidence is key. Our math tutors make learning fun by incorporating games and other interactive activities into the lessons. The lessons often focus on reinforcing what the student is doing in the classroom. The tutor not only supports them with any homework from school but also supplements the school work with practice questions and if requested assigns homework.

It is never too early to get help in math. If you notice that your son or daughter is not grasping the concepts, losing confidence, not remembering how to solve equations and panicking on tests then it may be time to hire a professional tutor.

High School Math Tutors

Our most popular tutoring program at Tutors on Call is high school math, calculus and data management. Students who have always done well in math often require a math tutor for the first time in grade 11 and 12.  In particular, math 11 is a very difficult course for most students as there seems to be a content gap between grade 10 and grade 11 math. We often suggest that if a student received less than 70% in math 10 that they review the math 10 curriculum over the summer to ensure they have a very strong foundation before taking math 11 the following school year.

Since math is a prerequisite for most university and college programs it is important that the student receives at least 80% in both math 11 and math 12. Unfortunately, once a student starts to fall behind it very quickly becomes overwhelming. Our math tutors help ensure that the student fully comprehends the material and is ready for upcoming tests.

Most of our grade 8 to 12 math programs continue during the spring break and Christmas holidays. Our students use this time to review more challenging topics, preview upcoming topics and start getting ready for the final exam.


College & University Math Tutors

Tutors on Call also provides math, calculus and statistics tutoring for first and second year college and university courses. Our math tutors review the concepts covered in the classroom to ensure the student’s understanding and assist with homework assignments. They may also provide practice questions to test the student’s knowledge of the material and help them prepare for the mid-term and final exam. Due to the intensity of the course and the speed that material is introduced it is highly recommended that students start their tutoring at the beginning of the term.


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