Why Is Routine Important for Children?

Before COVID-19 came and wreaked havoc on the world, your child had a routine. Get up. Go to school. Go to extra-curricular activities. Come home. Eat. Bathe. Do homework. Seep. Click repeat. 

That established routine has been thrown out the window in favor of waking up at 10 am, struggling to complete online assignments, watching TV, scrolling through social media, watching YouTube videos, and basically just doing whatever seems interesting at the moment. 

However, psychologists at Melbourne Child Psychology and School Psychology Services indicate that this can be detrimental.

Why Is Routine Important for Children

They wrote an article in 2019 that explains four benefits of routine for children:

  • It offers a safe space amidst anxiety
  • A routine at home has fewer variables than a school routine thus allowing them to relax
  • It helps them develop good habits
  • It helps them create boundaries

The pandemic shouldn’t be used as an excuse for your child’s routine to fall apart. Here’s how you can get this routine in check.


Develop a Daily Routine With Your Child

It helps to get your child involved in the process of creating a routine. At the end of each day, discuss what happened throughout the day and what needs to happen tomorrow. Write tomorrow’s schedule on a large piece of paper so that it’s visible to everyone in the house.

Some tips for creating a good schedule include:

  • Have a healthy breakfast at a normal time
  • Schedule time for your child to get school work done in a distraction-free zone
  • Schedule your work time so that your child knows when you’ll be working
  • Include time for exercise
  • Include time for breaks and nutritious snacks
  • Schedule family time in the evening
  • Stick to a normal bedtime routine


It Can’t Be All Work and No Play

You don’t want your child to feel like home is a prison. Sure, it’s important for your child to stay on task and take schoolwork seriously. However, it’s also important for your child to have a balanced life. Include time for your child to have fun and relax during the scheduled breaks.


Encourage Your Child to Read

Reading is important for the development of your child’s comprehension and creativity. We’ve written an article that explains the benefits of reading and some tips for making it more fun for your child. Challenge your child to read a chapter of a book each day and tell you all about it when you sit down together to discuss the day.


Final Words

COVID-19 has disrupted our routines. Establishing a new routine helps decrease anxiety, allows relaxation, builds good habits, and creates boundaries.

A tutor can also help your son or daughter develop a routine with their school work.  They can help with accountability, keep them on track, and develop a schedule for completing assignments or studying for tests.  Contact Tutors on Call today to register for an online tutor.

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