Why Should You Teach Your Teenager How To Cook?

During this time we are all eating more at home, experimenting with new recipes and eating more as a family. If you are also working from home and your son or daughter is taking school online then home cooked meals have become even more important. Possibly your teenager has more time on their hands and you would like them to help out more around the house. Maybe they are feeling anxious, not knowing how to help and needing to feel more purpose. Teaching them how to cook can really help relieve a lot of anxiety in the home and give more of a sense of teamwork.


Healthy Meals Lead to A Healthy Life

The trick with helping your teen learn how to cook is to teach your teen delicious, healthy recipes that have positive long-term benefits on the body. Cooking helps your teen control what goes into the meal. Fast food and junk food have high levels of sodium and cholesterol that wrecks our long-term health.

Sure, junk food is far cheaper than purchasing the ingredients for making a healthy meal, but the costs of long-term health implications far outweigh the benefits of heavy dependence on junk food.

Here are some simple, healthy recipes you can teach your teenager:


Cooking Provides a Bonding Experience

Cooking is a great way for families to connect. As your teen learns to cook, make it a family experience as much as possible. Rotate roles in the process. For instance, this week your youngest may be cutting the vegetables while your teen sautees them to make a stir fry but the next week the roles could be reversed as you help your youngest make the stir fry while your teen cuts the vegetables.

Talk. Laugh. Have fun. Fill your bellies. Those are the four rules of a great family cooking experience. Keep these rules at the forefront and you’ll find that you’ll learn more about your teen.


Final Words

Learning to cook shouldn’t be optional for any teenager. You may not be a great cook yourself but now is the time to put on your chef’s hat and follow some great recipes to help your teen reap the benefits of cooking.

We’ve shared some great recipes in this article but there are several online that you can explore. Just remember to stick to healthy recipes and follow the rules for making cooking a great bonding experience.

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