How to Start the School Year with Confidence

start the school year

Walking into the hallowed school hallways for a new school year can be overwhelming. Each year is crucial for your child’s academic success. The burden rests on your child’s shoulders to make this year count. 

Even the most self-confident child can sometimes be filled with doubt as the new school year approaches. Your child may be anxious about what’s coming and questioning his or her ability to excel. Here are some ways that can help your child start the school year with confidence.

Hire a Tutor for the Summer Holidays

One of the best ways to prepare your child for the upcoming academic year is to hire a summer tutor. Summer is the longest holiday. Being disengaged from school for so long may result in your child forgetting what was taught in the previous academic year.

A summer tutor can provide your child with the necessary one-on-one support to get ahead by previewing next year’s curriculum. This will help your child master difficult concepts and gain academic confidence.  This is especially beneficial for high school students who require a high mark in math, physics, chemistry or biology for university entrance. For younger students the summer is an excellent time to strengthen fundamental skills; such as writing, reading comprehension strategies or math.


Have an Open Conversation

Life can sometimes be hectic and stressful.  Finding time to communicate with your son or daughter can go a long way.  Before the school year starts allow them an opportunity to openly express how he or she feels about the new school year.

Some questions that you can ask to facilitate this conversation include:

  1. Are you happy about the new school year?
  2. What are you most excited about for this school year?
  3. Which subject did you have the most challenges with last year? How do you feel about that subject for this academic year?
  4. Do you have any fears about the new academic year?
  5. What are your academic goals this school year?  Encourage your son or daughter to be as specific as possible.

Additionally, create a plan to support your child in overcoming these fears for the new academic year.


Engage in Co-Curricular Activities that Showcases Strengths

School is not only about academic success. Your child should be well-rounded and extra-curricular activities can make this happen. Sometimes, these activities can be a distraction but moments like these force you and your child to think creatively about striking the right balance between academics and co-curricular activities.

At the end of the day, tertiary institutions and potential employers look beyond grades on a transcript or resume. They want to know how developed your child is in other areas of life. Engaging in at least one co-curricular activity makes this possible and can help boost your child’s confidence.

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