Amazing Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring isn’t new. It’s a global billion-dollar industry that has peaked even further during the COVID-19 pandemic. The harsh realities of this pandemic have made Canadians increasingly aware of the importance of online tutoring for their children’s academic growth.

3 Amazing Benefits of Online Tutoring

Canadian parents value a one-on-one tutoring experience for their child’s educational development now more than ever. Educational consultant Paul Bennett, in an article entitled Here Comes the 24/7 Classroom: Will Private Tutoring Reconfigure Learning, stated that “private tutoring is the new normal for Canadian families.” He cites research done by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) revealing that “about 35 percent of Ontario families pay for tutoring to supplement their child’s education.” The continuous increase in 24/7 online tutoring supports this narrative.

Your child’s education is paramount. Here are 4 amazing ways that online tutoring can help you continue to provide your child with a high-quality education amidst the quarantine.


A Wider Range of Tutors

In-person tutoring has two main limitations. Firstly, you can only select tutors within your geographical region. Secondly, those tutors have to travel to your home. Transportation challenges or adverse weather conditions could, therefore, result in a forced cancellation of the session.

Conversely, online tutoring grants access to tutors from anywhere in Canada! All you need is a stable internet connection and computer or tablet and your child can benefit from one-on-one virtual support. Having access to a wider range of tutors also increases the chances of finding the most skilled and qualified tutors in the industry.


More Time Slots Are Available

You can schedule a tutoring session at any reasonable time that’s convenient for your child. In-person tutors would normally limit their tutoring hours so that they don’t have to travel too late at night. However, online tutoring enables them to work safely from the comfort of their homes. It’s, therefore, easier to find a time slot that works well for when your child functions best.


Sessions Can Be Recorded

A drawback of in-person tutoring is that your child has to try to soak up all the information presented by the tutor before the session ends. Sure, your child will probably write some notes and ask a lot of questions. However, chances are that the tutoring book will be thrown aside once the session ends and most of what was learned will be forgotten by the time of the next session.

You’ll see your child pouring over the notes an hour or two before the next tutoring session saying, “I can’t remember what my tutor did here!”

Online tutoring solves this dilemma. Each online tutoring session can be recorded so that your child can go back and look over what was done. This may even make your child more inclined to review his or her notes several times before the next tutoring session instead of an hour or two before.


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