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Tutors on Call has been providing in-home tutoring for over seventeen years. We strive to create a personable and honest relationship with our clients along with providing a quality tutoring experience. As a result our clients choose to continue to use our service for several years. Read our testimonials below to learn what our clients are saying about us!


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"As working parents, we were not able to spend enough time assisting Chad with his studies and it started to show in his marks.  As a concerned mother,  I was seriously worried about him, but then my friend recommended Tutors on Call and told me how they helped improve her daughter's marks, so I decided to give it a try.   I was a bit skeptical from the beginning, due to a prior negative experience with a popular learning centre, but my skepticism soon ended when I saw Chad's grades improve after just two sessions.  What made me really proud was when I met Chad's classroom teacher at Choices, and she said that she was impressed to see how attentive and responsive he has become."

Mrs. Janine R. (Vancouver, BC)
"Thanks for your help.  [My tutor] did an awesome job.  I would not have achieved my goals in the course without his support."

Jerome S. (Calgary, AB)
"I was very impressed with your organization and ability to pinpoint weaknesses and address them. I was also  impressed with your care and concern for my son's progress. He misses you!"

Mr. Ron B. (Burnaby, BC)
avatar"From one loving mother to another, I would like to sincerely recommend Tutors on Call.  They helped my struggling son, Johnathan significantly improve his grade in English.

In every way they were efficient, professional, and caring.  As a teacher myself, I am very protective about whom I let around my son.  They took the time I needed to get comfortable.  They also were exceedingly convenient, coming to my home so I didn’t have to drive.  They were also very expert in the way they not only assessed my son but tutored him.  They answered all of my questions, were very honest about what needed to be done, and developed a thorough plan.

All of what I mentioned was free, but what made me all the more excited was the value and results of the tutoring itself.  John is now enrolled in an independent, private school and university scholarships are well within reach!

When our tutor worked with John, they didn’t just focus on the lesson, but focused on helping him get organized.  They not only made the lessons understandable; they made them come alive and interesting.  By working on both John’s school work, concepts that he had missed, and his organization they were able to go right to the heart of the problem and now John is excited about learning.

Our tutor's rapport with our son was phenomenal, he seemed to really respond to and trust his tutor.  They seemed to be a perfect match, even though we had a trial lesson to determine a good fit.  This freedom really helped me feel comfortable and like I was being treated with the utmost respect.

Before I called Tutors on Call, I wanted to 'wait and see' how John did on his own, but if I could do it all over, my one wish is that I started sooner.

Thank you again for all of your help!  It is my pleasure to recommend Tutors on Call over and over again."

Marilyn L. (Coquitlam, BC)
avatar"[Our tutor] is an asset to Tutors on Call!  My daughter feels much more confident about her writing and math since she has started working with her. Thank you!"

Sherry W. (Toronto, ON)