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Is your son or daughter feeling overwhelmed and confused? Are they having a difficult time understanding the teacher? Would they like to increase their mark to gain entry into a university program? Tutors on Call can help! Our tutors provide tutoring in the following subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, general science, social studies, English, French and Spanish.


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Science & Math Tutors

Math and science can be challenging for a lot of students. It can be a source of anxiety and frustration. Often being taught a concept in a different way is the key to success. Our customized lessons make math and science interesting and fun by using games and real-life examples. This allows our students to be motivated to master essential concepts.
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English & Social Studies Tutors

Being able to write effectively and critique reading material are corner stones in your son or daughter’s education. Writing well is a skill. At Tutors on Call our English and Social Studies tutors can help. Often school assignments are used as a platform to learn strategies to do well on not only specific assignments but also future assignments.

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French & Spanish Tutors

Is your son or daughter confused and having a difficult time understanding their teacher? Our specialized language tutors can help! They will review what is taught in the classroom to ensure your child’s understanding. This will allow an opportunity to ask questions, learn the material at their own pace and be taught according to their learning style.