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Start the Second Semester Off Right!

Have a Vision


Seeing light at the end of a tunnel is both a relieving and an exhilarating feeling. Think carefully about what you want to achieve this semester. Let that goal be the light that guides you. Write it down and then write the steps you need to take to accomplish it. For instance, if you want to achieve an A in all your courses your vision outline would look like this.

Goal: To achieve A’s in all my subjects by the end of the semester.

Steps to Take

  • Create a study schedule.
  • Pay attention in class and take good notes.
  • Seek clarification for areas I don’t understand.
  • Complete all assignments.


Live a Balanced Life


The beginning of the second semester does not only mean that classes resume. Think about all the exciting activities that your school provides outside the classroom. Become more involved in the after-school activities in which you are presently involved. Join an activity If you have not yet joined one. These activities make school fun and will develop all aspects of who you are.


Be Organized


Organization doesn’t come naturally to some people. You may be one of those people; that’s fine. However, trying to be more organized can make you more focused. Some applications that can help you keep track of class schedules and assignments (as well as carry out other school related functions) are listed below.

  • iStudiez Pro
  • Documents
  • Wunderlist
  • ScannerPro
  • RefMe
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • 24me


Avoid Procrastinating


Keep track of everything that you need to get done. We know that you are not only a student and it can be difficult to balance all aspects of your life. But you can do it. You can complete all your chores on time, actively engage in after-school activities, and maintain good grades during the second semester. Just make a commitment to yourself to ensure that everything gets done before you go and have fun.